Push Button Cherry Pitter Testimonials

Push Button Cherry Pitter Testimonials

Each year we get many letters from Push Button Cherry Pitter users stating that no other pitter works as well as ours. Here are some of our cherry pitter testimonials!

My wife has about 8 different pitters, but she will only use the Push Button because it works so much better than the others.
– Randy Head, Houston, Missouri

You clearly have passionate fans of your product. One of our customers was so sure we’d love it that he brought one to us. We tried to give it back to him, after agreeing to carry it, but he insisted we keep it. It fits right into our philosophy of carrying practical, durable items
David Wedmayer, Downtown Home and Garden Store, Ann Arbor, MIchigan

We love selling your product, both because of what it is and where it comes from.
–Taylor Erkkinen, The Brooklyn Kitchen, Brooklyn, New York

It’s such a unique device.
–Steve Hanrahan, Mirador Country Store, Portland, Oregon

I love the pitter, works better than any other, especially on warm cherries fresh from harvest.
– Stephanie, Dunnebeck Fruit Farm, Grand Rapids, Michigan

We love your pitters!
– Cindy from F H Gillingham and Sons Country Store, Woodstock, Vermont

People are saying ‘These are the same pitters as 25 years ago!’ Each year, they become more popular.
– Lisa Rasch, Rasch Orchards, Conklin, Michigan

Send more. People are just loving those ‘darn’ pitters.
– Roxanne, Garden Spot, Traverse City, Michigan

Please rush more pitters, they are flying out of the store. My grandson even sold two used ones from my kitchen!
– Agnes Zielbauer, Galien, Michigan

Thanks for your prompt service.
– Carol Christofferson, Orchard Owner, Ludington, Michigan

We love the pitters!
– Cathy Zimot,Corey Lake Orchards, Three Rivers,Michigan

Most Unique Testimonial:
Please send an old woman a little bit of happiness. My pitter disappeared and I had wanted to bequeath it to my daughter and granddaughter. (She enclosed a photo of four-year-old “heiress” Fiona Catherine.)
– Lee Arthur, Arvada, Colorado

Testimonials from Amazon

It works! Every cherry was pitted perfectly! Love it! We have two of them now, so I am set for the next 100 years!
– Barbara Klein

Love, Love, Love this pitter. My four year old was able to help me pit the cherries, that’s how easy this thing isI don’t know what I’d do without it.
– Chocohug

I don’t use anything else. I have used this cherry pitter for over 25 years. At the moment I have 5 of them. A GREAT PRODUCT!
– Joanne Krueger

I’ve had one of these pitters for several years—it works well and has the advantage of being operated without any kind of repetitive “whole hand” squeezing motion required. It works better than any other cherry pitter I’ve seen.
– Allison M. Wilcox

This is a great product.
– William Brashers

Very happy to find this little pitter—worked so well we got an additional. I like this one with the push—rather than the type that is like a staple remover.
– Miss Meezer

Great Product. It really made the job of pitting cherries a lot easier, way easier than the lever type we used to use.
– Rick Fredericks